We are very pleased and grateful that even this year we could spend part of our summer break time in Slovenia. We wanted to use this opportunity primarily to organize a special meeting for our Slovenian friends to mark the celebration of the 10th anniversary of our school. Without our faithful supporters, sponsors, volunteers and other friends, our work would not have been possible, so it seemed only right that we would personally thank them for their support and loyalty. We organized a meet in the middle of May: space was kindly given to us by the primary school A.T. Linhart, Radoljica, with whom we are sharing friendship ties since past several years. We also owe our thanks to many who helped us: Humanitarian Society Luc Upanja for organizing the event, a dance group from the Krško music school with choreographer Rosana Horvat for a great dance performance, Ema Pogacar, Barbara Mosnik and Urska Ferbar for delicious sweet treats, and to Sonja Ravbar for beautiful photos, and numerous other well-wishers as well.

In the old part of Ljubljana, we had our own promo stand with our products. Thanks to Artish and Patsy, who kindly gave us our own space for this occasion. Also, I thank all the visitors for their contributions, which will provide a full year of schooling for one of our girls.

We sincerely look forward to our new cooperation with the primary school Bicevje, Ljubljana. We have already exchanged the dolls – symbolic toys that will travel between the Slovenian and Indian worlds, and create colourful stories with the help of the children.