Piali Ashar Alo school is located in the village of Piali, about 27 km south of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). The school was opened in very modest conditions, initially being run from small, rented spaces. Thanks to the kind support of our donors and benefactors, we were able to move into our own school builiding in 2014.

We place particular emphasis on the enrollment of girls. Girls’ education is incredibly important to the development of communities and wider regions. Each year of education above the average earns a woman 10-20% higher salary, 90% of which she will reinvest into her family. Educated women raise literate children, are 50% more likely to immunize their children and will have smaller families. Education empowers a woman with self-awareness and economic opportunity, thereby reducing her risk of becoming a victim to abuse or human trafficking.
Currently, over 200 children attend our school. They are in the 5-18 age group and are divided into 12 classes ( Nursery, Kindergarten, Class 1-10). After Class 10, students are enrolled in national public school, where we still help and support them.

Girls are enthusiastic about going to school. All of our students receive lunch. They receive school uniforms and all school supplies. Each month, students receive a hygiene kit with toothpaste, shampoo, etc. We also provide for their medical care.

The girls are taught Bengali and the Latin alphabet, math, general knowledge, basic geography, history and science. Because we strive to encourage their creative development, they are also taught singing, dancing and drawing. They have the opportunity to learn playing violin, harmonium and guitar. We also teach them the basics of computer. Each school year we organize sports and cultural days/events. We celebrate national holidays and respect all religious holidays. Our children are very happy when we host visitors or volunteers. They receive them with curiosity and are extra diligent during their visit.

Although they come from underprivileged families our students have maintained their child’s spirit. They dream big dreams about becoming doctors, engineers, teachers, police officers or dancers. Our team at Piali Ashar Alo strives to provide our students with the tools and opportunities they need in order to help make these dreams become realities.

The seed has been planted, let’s take care to give it enough soil and water so that each seed can sprout and grow into a beautiful flower.

Group photo, july 2022

With green roof.

School, july 2022


Group photo, January 2016


School building, March 2016


Group photo, April 2014


We moved to a new school in February 2014.


Group photo, May 2012

Buying our own piece of land and building the boundary wall.


Our second school where  classes still took place in the rented place.


Group photo, September 2010


Our first students, March 2008

                                                                               Our first school and first assembly.