Meet the Team

Anup Gayen (born in India), an auto mechanic and

Mojca Gayen (born in Slovenia, EU), a psychologist

Before founding Piali Ashar Alo, he devoted four years of his life to the foundation and development of a primary school for girls who come from poor families. Anup himself had a sponsor as a child and was sent to a boarding school led by missionaries. He has personally experienced great poverty. He trained to become an auto mechanic, something which enabled him to earn bread for himself and, above all, for his family. His hard work from early morning until late at night made it possible for his brother and sister to attain higher education. He is now completely devoted, with his heart and mind, to our school, Piali Ashar Alo. He represents a great role model for our students because they know that he has personally experienced a lot of what they are now going through.

She devoted two years of her life to volunteer in Africa and India and now lives with her husband Anup and their young son and daughter in Sonarpur, Kolkata. Mojca is indispensable with her pedagogical and psychological insights. She is also responsible for promotion and fundraising.


Our teachers

We have a team of dedicated teachers who work with us every school day, devoting their knowledge, hearts and earnest efforts to provide our students with an education that will allow them to break free of the cycle of poverty and begin their journeys towards fulfilling and successful futures. We are extremely grateful to our teachers for the sincere effort and interest they place into each and every one of our students.

Humanitarian society Luč upanja (Light of Hope) that is based in Slovenia, EU, helps our school with international promotion and fundraising.

Simona Klančnik is our accountant.

Volunteers Polona Fonda and Tamara Bizjak. help us with our internet page.