“FOR YOU, FOR ME, FOR THE WORLD” at Primary School Bicevje in Ljubljana

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the entire team of the primary school Bičevje, Ljubljana, for the organization of the wonderful humanitarian event “FOR YOU, FOR ME, FOR THE WORLD” with all the proceeds going towards helping the children of our school in India. We would like to thank the management of the school, teachers, parents, students, as well as special guests and other visitors, sponsors and all those who contributed to the excellent atmosphere and successful collection of funds for this humanitarian purpose. Special thanks also goes to Mr. Klemen Tomsic, a representative of the Humanitarian Society Luc Upanja, Blanka Jamnisek the ambassador and Dr. Anica Kos Mikus, the president of the Slovene Philanthropy for the participation in this special event. A very special surprise of the evening were the singers Murat and Jose, with their rap song “From the People for the People”, whose lyrics reminded us of the situation in society and encouraged the necessity of mutual respect and multicultural society and the creation of more beautiful relations among the people of the world. Some glimpses of this hearty event, which emphasized the importance of acceptance and mutual respect, can be seen in the photos below.